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Based on the new 32-bit DSP platform and adopting the micro stepping technology and PID current control algorithm design, Our T & DS series stepper driver surpasses the performance of common analog stepper drive comprehensively.

        PID parameter adjustment function, meeting different types of load applications better

       Field-weakening control algorithm, enabling the motor to keep a steady power when operating at a high speed.

    Command smoothing function, enabling the smoother speed reduction process of motor

    Low speed vibration control, lowering down low speed vibration amplitude of motor by 80%

    Application Area : engraving machine, wire-stripping machine, laser marking, cutting machine, die bonder, plotter, numerical control machine, automatic assembly equipment , labelling machine.


Internal Processing:


    Digital filtering of input pulse : enhancing the anti jamming capability

    Pulse command smoothing : enable the motor to reduce its speed more smoothly

    Anti-jittering of IO switching input making the IO command more stable and reliable

    Internal micro-stepping : enable the current to be controlled better

    Low speed anti-resonance : reduce the low speed vibration of the motor

    Current loop PID control : reduce heating and increase the high speed torque

    Adaptive parameters of adaptive motor : enable the motor of perform better.