Stepper Servo System


Stepper servo is a control motor solution featuring high speed, high torque, high precision, low vibration, low heating and no loss of step, which is formed based on the common open loop stepper motor in combination with position feedback and servo algorithm.

Stepper servo motor is equipped with a optical encoder on the rear shaft of the open-loop motor to form position feedback.

Stepper servo drive processes the encoder position feedback to achieve more precise current and position control.



No loss of step

  • The position of the motor is fed back by the optical encoder and compared with the drive command. The current is adjusted according to the position error to prevent losing step.

Fast Response

  • The stepper servo motor rotor is synchronized with the given pulse, enabling fast positioning without rigidity adjustment without too long current settling time.

High torque

  • The stepper servo system has better torque-frequency characteristics, and the current decay speed is slow, which can improve the output torque of the motor at high speed.

Low Heating

  • The stepper servo system dynamically adjusts the current according to the load condition, which has a higher current utilization rate than the open loop system and reduces the heating of the motor.